Batty (WIP)


Original Game: Batty

Author(s): Hit Pak

Publisher: Elite/Your Sinclair

Year: 1987


This was quite possibly the BEST cover game featured by Your Sinclair magazine, even though it is pretty much an Arkanoid clone.  Simple, bright sprites and spot effects, damn addictive, and sometimes fiendishly hard.

    I started this project a while ago, and one day it MIGHT get finished.  The main problem was that, since the artist I asked to re-draw the sprites for me kinda just stopped half way through (getting let down by spriters is pretty much the story of my life when it comes to remaking games) and since I was already working on other, more important things, work on Batty just stalled.

    UPDATE: After consideration, I've now abandoned work on this remake.  All sorts of problems keep cropping up, and to be honest its been so long now since

I did any work on it, I've lost motivation!  However, please feel free to enjoy the screenshot below of what might have been!








Coding: 95%

Graphics: 90%

Sound: 0%