Horace Goes Skiing


Original Game: Horace Goes Skiing

Author(s): William Tang/Beam Software

Publisher: Melbourne House/Psion

Year: 1982


Before Horace can get to the ski-slopes he must fetch his skis from a hut on the other side of a VERY busy road! Ski-Hire costs 10, as does a ride in an ambulance, so value to money is paramount!

After Horace has crossed the road and hired some skis (by walking in through the door of the hut) he must return across the busy road, and off up to the ski slopes. In the second part of the game, Horace must ski down the slope while avoiding the trees (which cause you to crash, thus damaging your skis) and rocks (which cause you to skid in random directions), slaloming between flags for extra points and (hopefully) crossing the Finish line for a bonus!





Download Here (1.9mb)


Remake Coding by Steven Watson

Graphics by sunteam_paul



Remake Copyright © Space-Time Games 2009