Willy's Miner Nightmare


Original Game: Jet Set Willy

Author(s): Matthew Smith

Publisher: Software Projects

Year: 1984


Willy has grown tired of the "Rich Man" lifestyle.


After almost 20 years of living in a Mansion inhabited by a bunch of weirdo creatures that look like the aftermath of a bad dream, and a house-keeper that would make Nora Batty look attractive, Willy finally grows tired of the upper-class lifestyle.  So, he decides to make a run for it...back to the small country house he had beside the very mine that made him his fortune in the first place.


Can YOU help Willy escape??


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Download Here (1.9mb)


Remake Coding by Steven Watson

Graphics by Andy Noble, Dan Richardson and Ric Lumb


Remake © Space-Time Games 2006